RepeatingGroup Hide Vertical Scrollbars Unless Necessary

I have a RepeatingGroup that I’d like to scroll ONLY when the amount of content exceeds the bounds of the group. I can’t see any option for this, so when my group renders, it has vertical scrollbars no matter how much content is in the group:

Any tips/tricks to achieve what I’m looking for?

Maybe you have to put the format in EXT. VERTICAL SCROLLING ?

Oddly enough, when I do that the group just keeps getting taller and taller instead of adding scrollbars:

Use two rg. One with fixed cell only visable when do search is x. Then one scroll when cell count is greater than x.

I don’t think this solution will work as it doesn’t take into account the height of the browser window. How will I know when x number of rows needs to scroll?

Additionally, as the browser window is resized vertically I need to resize the height of the rg, which should affect when scrollbars are visible.

If you want to use css instead of two rg then use overflow-y: hidden !important;
but you still need to determine when to do this yourself, in your original question you don’t say anything about dynamic height.

You are welcome.

Yes. I will have javascript running on the page that dynamically sets the height of the rg when the browser window is resized. What I’m trying to achieve is exactly like the Trello vertical swim lanes:


For example if your want to the cell height to be 100px and your viewport height is 800px and your rg only has 8 cells make it fixed. If you have more than 8 make it scrollable.

It’s sort of working. Something very strange is happening when I shrink the height. The scrollbar disappears when I scroll down:


It looks like something is toggling the overflow-y when I scroll. Nothing in my javascript is doing this.


How are you adding the overflow style? can you try use removable class with classify, if you are not already doing that.
🔥 Classify: A tiny plugin that brings CSS power to Bubble

I’m not adding the overflow style at all. Something in bubble must be doing that.