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Group visible set to no is still visible

Hello guys!

I’m so :thinking: with this:

I’ve a RG containing a hidden group (details) on page load. If I click on the “arrow” icon, the group become visible. Until there everything is fine.

Then when I change go to the next page of RG, this details group is still visible, and this is not what I want. I want it to collapse.

So I used this method : Making elements in a repeating group visible after hiding - #5 by eli to hide it.

This method should work, I can see in the debuuger that the group is set as visible : no but it’s still visible (I also try with no content within it), what I don’t understand.

I should miss somethin ? or bug ? thank for helping

Hello, Sarah,

Thanks for the post! Happy to help with this one. Would it be possible to email us at [email protected] with the link to the page in question and how you’re navigating through it to see this in your screenshot/the debugger?

Hey Jess! Nice to see you there!

Yes, I will. Thanks a lot for helping with this issue


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