Grouping chart data by Day of Week

Hi. I’m trying to get a chart to display a “day of week” summary for Performance. Essentially I want to look at the last 90 days of stock trading data and then have it group my average win rate by day of week. Sort of like this, except when I add in last Monday it has two bars for Monday :confused:


Could you use the Line bar chart plugin, and i think you should be able to reach your goal here.

Here is one example that could help: Cumulative Chart of Users over time [Solved] - #4 by anthonycollias

I’m currently using the Line Bar Chart. I think the idea of creating a custom Value Expression like you linked here could be helpful. I’ll play around with it now knowing that.

Thanks for your help!

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Noted thanks!

I’ve been trying several different ideas over the last hour and still can’t quite figure this out. This is what I’m seeing now:


I want to have the two mondays merged into show the average monday. Essentially look at the last X days and show me what a typical monday performance looks like.

I think the copy and paste expression in is the beginning of the solution but I’m not sure how to use that to merge all mondays together, all tuesdays together, etc.

Any insight into how I can do that to get all mondays average showing up in 1 column? The chart wants to display them as two sperate labels.

You mean to group two last Mondays in the same group?

If yes, I would wait for someone else more experienced answer here, whereas my limited answer would be to have separate data as sum for those two Mondays, which I don’t like as the solution, or to somehow merge as the dynamic data as you are trying to do, and which I don’t know :smiley:

I’ve found this simple solution to group things, and nowadays even asking for myself some extra customization with the plugin!

EDITED: I guess, no solution here yet! :smiley: