Grouping elements options


I am trying to follow the tutorial to group the elements; but I don’t have the simple Group elements in a group function. The options I have (in screenshot) will change the size of pixels, and I will need to reformat everything. Anyone can help?



Fixed container is just for you;)

Hi! Is this normal when applying fixed container? I’ve been not wanting to reformat when I group them.

Anyway looks like you are still learning. Without numbers of attempts it will be useless :wink:

And yes - it’s normal.

Just for you info - bubble tutorial was made on old engine - they just applied new one - it’s different

Also you can give a wide space inside this new group for elements inside - and there will not appear any confusions

Thanks for the tip. and obviously im a super newbie on the platform. I tried moving elements around in the new group. but the rest of repeating group won’t change. not sure what else I can try

We all started the same way :wink: So don’t worry. Check in preview - there all will be good, but take a look if you have enough data in database to display

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