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I’m following this tutorial, and currently trying to group elements within a repeating group, however; it seems Arrange > “Group elements in a group” is no longer an option.

I’ve tried the other grouping methods, but they all seem to shift the layout of the entire page. (screenshots)

What’s the correct grouping method here, and why does my layout shift when I group elements?


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‘Group Elements in a Group’ is from the Old Responsive Engine, and so is no longer an option…

Instead, with the New Responsive Engine, you have to choose which type of Group layout you want to group the elements into, and obviously which type you choose will affect the layout…

If you don’t want the layout to change, and you aren’t worried about responsiveness, then you can just use the ‘Group Elements Into A Fixed Container’ option.

If you are worried about Responsiveness (as you should be), then best spend some time learning about the various container layouts in the New Responsive Engine first.

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Thank you! Good to know.

Yes I’m definitely concerned about responsiveness. Will look for a tutorial on that here shortly.

To your point - and for the sake of this tutorial - I’ve grouped into a Fixed Container… what’s great is that I can get my first group looking solid, but the repeating groups don’t follow suit.

Is this due to the New Responsive Engine?

I think that’s just a long-standing bug in the editor… I wouldn’t worry about it…

As long as it looks ok on the actual page then that’s all that matters. ( I assume it looks correct on the actual page?..)

Yeah, that’s what I figured… but I went ahead and just did the smart thing and just followed your advice :smiley:

This tutorial on the new responsive engine provided plenty of context, and helped me reframe my approach.

I was able to re-format my repeating groups using Rows (as if I were using CSS) and it’s rendered correctly in the Design tab. This gives me much more control over the display. The bug is now moot.

My page alignment is still jacked up, but I’m sure I’ll be able to address that as I get a bit deeper into the tutorial.

Thanks again for your help @adamhholmes !

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