Grouping elements seemingly impossible

I need some tips on how to successfully group elements. The problem is that no matter what I do I can’t select all the elements that I want to group. I shift click and select one thing, then sometimes I can select other things and sometimes clicking on them does nothing. Sometimes I can select several elements but I have been unable to select all the elements I need to group at once.

Things I would expect to be part of this app, like selection by drawing a box around all the elements I want to group, or simply multi-selecting from the Elements Tree seem to be non-features.

This can’t really be this difficult. What am I doing wrong?


Hi :smiley:,
Grouping elements on bubble can be challenging. Here are a few tips that I learned along the way that helped me:

  • Right-clicking on an element and clicking “reveal in element tree” will show you the exact layer you are on. This is useful when you have multiple elements grouped inside other elements.

  • Keep the element tree open which is hidden by default. You will see all of your elements, grouped or otherwise in that view.

  • Use a naming convention that makes sense to you

Can you share a bit more (screenshot?) about why you are not able to select element by shift clicking?

Hopefully, that helps,


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Thanks for the tips I’ll keep those things in mind while I’m learning Bubble. Ultimately I was able to make my groups by drawing a group, dragging and repositioning all my elements within the new group, then moving the group back into place. Clearly this functionality needs some work on Bubble’s end.

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Ideally we should be able to select multiple elements from the elements tree, and right-click an action like ‘group these elements’.

This would make the grouping action much easier.

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