Groups - Allowing user to add existing & new users to a group


I’m currently trying to make an app, where apart of the system will allow users to create a group with other users.

The aim of the current process is to;

  • Allow the user to search and add existing users to the group
  • Allow the user to invite new users to the platform through them providing their mobile
  • Allow the user to create a group with the users selected, with the other users needing to accept their invitation

Currently as you can see I’ve allowed the user to search other users based on their name and location, but also wish to include their mobile in the back-end to send them a message of the invite. I’ve also allowed the user to invite new users and include their phone number without including their location.

I’m stuck with custom states and lists at the moment, when the user adds two people with different list entries (ie: locations) it works fine, but when they have a duplicate location this is missed.
Also when they add a new user and include their phone number since location is not included it returns a blank.

The output I’m looking for is;

  • to allow the user to add users with the same locations in the list an it not go missing,
  • allow the user to input a new user with their locations indicated as ‘N/A’

TIA for any help!


Thanks for your post! In regard to adding the same locations, Bubble automatically removes duplicates from a list, so if you are adding the same texts, for example “New York” and “New York,” only one instance of this will make it into the list. Another option here is to add things to a list instead, such as different Users with a field for “Location,” so that Location field can have the same value across separate Users, so the items in the list are still unique but you can have those locations represented multiple times. If you would like a value for a new user to be N/A unless specified otherwise, you might look into setting a default value for this field. Let us know if that helps or if you have any more questions!

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That helped heaps! Thanks Jess :slightly_smiling_face:

But now when I try and add the phone information to the groups DB it adds their emails & not the phone numbers entered.