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Groups inside floating group header dropping

Hi everyone,

Having an issue with my header which is built using a floating group. I have 2 groups inside the floating group, one on each side of the header, a menu icon and the other is a logo image, my problem is that when i shrink the width of the page in responsive viewer the group on the right immediately drops below the other group on the left even though they are not even close to each other and margins are not touching? They are dropping right when the page width hits 1200, oh and page is set to full width. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There are a lot of reasons this could happen. Could you share a link to the editor? Or recreate in a public app so we can look at how you set it up? There are a lot of different ways to set it up, so without knowing all your specifics, it’ll be tough to help.

Thanks @potentialthings here is the editor link

Looks like the app isn’t set to public. Could you go into your settings and make sure the app is not private?

I went ahead and just copied then tweaked the default Header provided by Bubble, appreciate the response @potentialthings.