Why elements in floating group are not responsive like elements in a group?

Hello Bubblers, I’m trying to create a reusable header that will be responsive from laptop screen to phone screen. The problem is, when the page get squeezed, the floating group just cut off the elements as the width of the elements does not change. But when i change the floating group to a simple group it work beatifully. But the problem is that i really need my header to be a floating header.
Here are two pictures that illustrate my problem. See how when the page width get squuezed, the elements at the right of the floating group just get cut off and see how the search box does not resizes and just get cut off too :


PS1 : I’ve added the little groups between each big groups because i saw that on Youtube and it’s a responsive tip. But even without these, i still have the same problem.
PS2 : There is no element with a fixed with except the icons
PS3 : Sorry for my english, it’s not my native language :sweat_smile:

Hello @housni1910 welcome to the community!

Consider making the reusable a group and nest it inside a page floater

Thank you very much ! It woked !

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