Groups location changes on run time

Something really strange is happening, the groups which are positioned in the center of the page are moving to the left…
Please, help!!!

You know what’s really scary, is trying to help you with as little information as you have provided.

That said, please provide more information. For example, “they move to the left when I use PREVIEW…” “or when I resize the browser”

Are you in Mobile or Desktop?

Help feeds on information…


:)) Thank you!!!
I am on desktop, they move to the left when I use PREVIEW.
The page is defined centered

Press on “Responsive” top left of your development environment. Click in your group and see what you see in the properties box.


Maybe also check for invisible elements that might affecting your layout. Use the “pick an element” or “element tree” to view all your elements one at a time.

dont have invisible elements :frowning:

In the Responsive, it is already moved left…
How I can change that?

Can you share screenshots (large) to see the results both of your dev environment and of your preview.

Note: Please add background color to your groups so I can see them clearly.

This is dev

this is “responsive”

and preview?

Not being able to get directly into your app, I would suggest to GROUP all the elements you have.
Select all then GROUP (right-click group). Make sure that group is centered.

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I’ll try that.
I think the problem starts in the responsive mode…

How can I make group to be centered?
Just grouping them didn’t help

In this image the repeating group looks left justified in the Responsiveness window.

If I could get into your project, I could help you.24%20PM

I succeeded thank you!!!

Hey, I’m facing the same issue with my group being shifted to the right. May I know how you solved the problem?