Guide to upload CSV and add to database

Setup the box plugin to use it for file uploads following these instructions:

Then setup integromat using the videos/instructions here: Integromat + Bubble resources

I then created an API call in my Bubble app that sends the Box File ID to Integromat. Integromat Webhooks see this trigger, then grab the file from Box with that file ID.
more instructions here:

Integromat has Bubble modules that let you insert a bunch of database records or run a workflow. I insert my records from the processed text/csv file into the database with the “Create the bulk of new Data Things” module in Integromat, then I use the Bubble Run a Workflow module in Integromat to trigger a backend API endpoint in my bubble APP to tell me that the process has been completed.

Still working out kinks and bugs, but that’s the basic flow.