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Guide to upload CSV and add to database

Where can I find an educational guide on getting information into the Bubble database from a CSV?

I’m building an educational game for sound engineers. It already exists as a Google Sheet. I just need to figure out how to make it into a web app. I have already taken a Udemy course and read much of the forum here. From what I understand so far I need to: Use the file uploader to trigger a workflow that includes the Data Parser and Upload Data as CSV.

Problem 1

I have read the Data Parser instructions, but I don’t understand them.

Block Size: set this to the size of each block of data

But every column of my CSV files is of different size. For example, here’s the beginning of the file:

Frequency (Hz) Magnitude (dB) Phase (degrees) Coherence
10.742188 51.66 -53.29 0.00
11.718750 56.99 -58.93 0.00
12.695312 62.05 -64.41 0.00
13.671875 66.75 -69.67 0.00
14.648438 71.00 -74.64 0.00

Use Parser element’s states to get a text-list of headers

I have used custom states once, but this doesn’t make any sense to me. Is there a step-by-step guide somewhere?

Problem 2

My CSV files have about 800 rows. I would need a $185/month Team plan. My understanding is that Data Parser helps to get around this limitation somehow?

The first steps of creating pages and a login system seemed pretty straight forward, but now I’m stuck. I guess I was hoping it would work more like Google Sheets or Excel.

Is this a one-time upload? You can upload via the editor: Data > App Data > CSV. You do have to be on a paid plan, but this will let you upload your entire file in one go. This will also let you map your CSV columns to the data type fields, so your file doesn’t have to be perfectly labeled.

See reference here:

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Thanks @romanmg. It is not. At first, yes, I can do some of them that way, but the goal is that students would be able to upload their own measurements to play the game.

I just tried uploading via the editor, which worked great, but took way too long. My idea is that student upload two measurements at once and are able to start playing with them within seconds.

@romanmg do you know how a user could upload a CSV file and map them to fields in the database from a live website?