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Upload CSV datas API workflow

Hi all,

I need to upload a CSV file in my database, but the upload is too long with the classical way.

So the solution we suggest to me is to create an AP, write a script, and use the API workflow to do so, but I have no idea on how to create the API and write a script.

Anyone has an idea to help me please ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Can you split the file? Is it a one off, this my be your best way. I had a file of 10,000 records would not upload, I split the CSV into 1000 records and it took no more than a few minutes.

With the API, do you have the URL end link available? What are you trying to accomplish?


My file is only 700 rows, but I don’t know why it does not work …

No, I haven’t any URL. I don’t know exactly how does it works … (I’m a nooby :slight_smile: )

That I need is an API which can extract the data of a CSV file, then I will be able to use a API workflow in Bubble to insert the rows in the database (I already know how to do that). I just need the API.

Can you help me to do this ?


Not quite sure, the CSV should work. Have you tried a test sample - maybe 10 records. Does it pick up mapping of fields - see screenshot

Yes it works with only 10 records, but I waited for 2 hours for the whole file and it crashed. I will need in the futur to import several files, that’s why I would like an API to avoid splitting every file … What do you think ?

This is the bit I don’t get - How do you intend to create a CSV to API. As in the CSV is not live data. I dont think bubble can do this - but someone else may correct me.

The original source of the CSV, do they have an API endpoint that you can take data from - i.e

I don’t event know … that’s why I am here, to get informations about that :slight_smile:

No worries - Ok lets start with your CSV - where did you get the data from?

All right ! My datas come from a software, and I need to integrate them in the DB.

Yes - ask your software provider for an API URL -

Then watch this video -

All right got it !

I’m gonna try and come back to you, thanks :wink: