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Guides or Guide Lines


It would be cool to have draggable guides or ‘guide lines’ - a bit like photoshop.
Would help line things up to your own grid/ design.

I know we have a the grid but would be a great additional feature.



I suggest to point out your exact idea with a real video or series of pictures.

I’ve come to prefer working with the grid for all my design. I set the step to my gutter width and set my elements to snap to the grid. Using groups I can wireframe a layout really fast that way, setting a max width and a minimum width for my smallest breakpoint.

I also use the chrome extension Web Developer Tools and their guide lines tool. It only acts as an overlay but helps with positioning, especially when I’m using custom resolutions on my desktop.

I also use Ai and Ps (Although now I’m pretty much only using Affinity Designer, it’s FRIGGIN FREE!!) for a more traditional approach. Bubble’s WYSIWYG editor makes for an easy transition to near pixel perfect conversion. Sometimes I struggle with breakpoints but compared to my workflow before bubble it’s a breeze.

I could be wrong, but adding guide lines to the editor like that seems like it’d be a pretty complex feature. I’m not sure if it’d be worth the effort, with all the different tools available outside of bubble, along with bubble’s own grid.

If you could show an example of what you mean though it’d be helpful