Guys what is wrong with the map element?

None of my map elements are working? Can anyone shed any light as to why?

I am guessing there is some sort of permission issue, is there a key needed now or something?

Yes, you need to add an API key from Google. Go to Settings > General.

Thanks for your response, I have checked and actually already have this added. Still no luck. Do you have any other ideas?

@AliFarahat Hi mate, can you help by any chance?

I have a similar issue. I have the APIs set up and the key inserted in both boxes in Settings. However, the Searchbox set to geographical places is not working properly. It seems to struggle to find places, and it always returns an error when I run workflows using it.

I wonder if I have it set up incorrectly on Google (as it seems Google wants to charge me for it - so I want to stop that if I can.

Any guidance from anyone greatly appreciated.

What do you mean by struggles? It does some times and doesn’t others? My issue was not an issue a few days ago and now doesn’t work at all, rather than intermittent problems.

Not sure if any changes have been made that could of caused this. The lack of attention this post is getting would leave me to believe it isn’t a common problem.

That’s right. I type a few letters, and it finds some places. I type more letters and it finds nothing (even though there definitely should be some options given). It is very intermittent. I still have a feeling my issue may be at the Google end - not sure though.

Can you share screenshots and I’ll try to help.

Sure what’s up …