Handle canonical meta tag

Why am I not able to handle the value of the canonical tag?
This is really annoying for pages with multiple urls (single page apps). I can only add another meta tag on the page object but then I have two canonical tags configured.

“Document has a valid rel=canonical - Canonical links suggest which URL to show in search results.”

  • Bubble handles this automatically, but users can also set up 301 redirects (see above)

Sorry, but bubble is handling that pretty poorly!
Please add a field for the canoncial tag asap!

Have you been able to solve this?

Hi @nicholasferns97
you need to uncheck this option in the app seo/meta tag settings page:
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But be careful, then you need to handle ALL canonical urls by yourself.

Thanks man! I’ll try that!

I’ve added Structured Data and Canonical tags to the pages already. Haven’t been seeing anything different on Google Search Console so hopefully that will be a step in the right direction