Handle unhandled errors on reusable element

Hey Bubble folks,

I set up a workflow on my reusable Header element (that is on every page of my website) that catches all unhandled errors and sends me an email, so that I can go into the app and set up specific error handlers.

However, I realized that even after setting up specific error handlers on specific pages, the Header workflow still fires. I’m wondering if there is a way to have this workflow fire only if an error hasn’t been handled.

For a specific example, I have a password requirement set up on my /sign-in page. If a user’s password doesn’t meet the requirements, then a workflow gets triggered on the page with the “Any workflow error” workflow, and triggering only when “Current Workflow’s Error Code is PASSWORD_INVALID”. This workflow shows the user an alert.

This works, in the sense that the alert gets shown. However, I still also get an email about the error.

Does anyone know how to set this up so that if I manually handle an error on a specific page, my reusable element workflow doesn’t trigger? Or is this impossible based on how Bubble handles these types of errors?


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Here is what the workflow looks like on my /sign-up page. And then the Header workflow is just a plain “Any unhandled error” workflow that sends an email.