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Handling JSON lists in API connector

I have been trying to make a chart using values returned from an API call as a JSON object list. When initializing the call, the API connector lets me use only the first object in the list. Is there a way to access the other values of the list?
I did read elsewhere in the forum that this was not yet supported by bubble’s API connector. Any idea when this feature might be added?

Thank you!

See this Display json data as an html table

What we don’t handle is when a field is a list of things. But if the API returns a list, it’s already working.

@emmanuel, when scheduling the API workflow on a list of things, and using data source = GET data from external API, is there a limit to the number of characters in the URL that constrains the number of things in that GET request? Or, does this create a separate GET request for each thing?

There shouldn’t be a limit there.