Has anyone built an Email WYSIWYG with mail merge in Bubble?

I’m looking to buy a copy of a working email system that’s been built in Bubble to save me some time/effort of having to start it from scratch. Do you know any Bubbler’s who’ve built one?

We’re going to want the following features (anything with 50% of these would be great)

  • Users can update email copy (WYSIWYG style)
  • Users can use pre-created tags for mail merge (e.g., #first-name#, #last-name#)
  • Users can schedule emails
  • Users can preview email / send to themselves


très bon sujet

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I’m coming to completion on a plugin which does this @sridharan.s
Not sure if you still need it or not but it’s almost done.

The demo looks like this, I’ll get it all documented soon

Hi, thanks for the info.

Could you pass the editor link or the api you used to generate this resource?


As soon as I’m done and I have the documentation written up I’ll post the details.