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Has anyone successfully set up Slack Event Subscriptions?

Hey folks, so I’m interested in the Slack event subscriptions functionality (it triggers a webhook when a certain thing happens, eg an emoji is use, or a person joins a channel).

To set it up, you have to initialise it with a challenge, which I’ve done successfully:

But now what I need help understanding is how can you get the payload data when a thing happens. EG - a person joins the team in Slack:

It should send some data like this:

Which I could happily figure out how to parse, but where is that data being sent??

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Hi @oliphant ! I just replied to one of your earlier posts about the challenge response. But I see that you have that one figured out already.
I’m currently stuck at the same point as you describe above. Did you manage to figure this out and receive the POST from the Slack Event API?

No, not yet. And I’ve tried Zapier / IFTTT / Integromat / Automate as a go between, but none of them seem to support working custom webhook responses. I’ve got a call with someone soon to discuss using Pipedream as a go between - will let you know how we get on.

Hi @oliphant ! I just got it to work without any middleware - thanks to some comments in another post…
The steps the made it work:

  1. From Slack’s documentation, copy the JSON with from the url_verification and a typical JSON response from the event type that you want to subscribe to and paste both parts into a single JSON

  2. Put your Bubble endpoint into “detect data”/“initialize” mode

  3. Use the JSON from step#1 in Postman and send it to your endpoint while it’s in “initialize” mode

  4. This will set up Bubble properly to correctly process the nested elements in the JSON from Slack

  5. Now you should be all set and can trigger the events in Slack and you should see the data coming into your Bubble DB properly

Hope this works for you as well!

That worked! Very clever, I would never have thought to combine the two lots of JSON via Postman. Thank you so much!