Slack+Bubble: how to setup the plugin (noob level)

I’ve installed Slack plugin made @Taiheta (thank you!) which looks great, but I’m just stepping into API world, so I have couple questions:

Everything on the backend is setup up fine because tests work. (chat.postMessage method | Slack)

anyone know if this is right setup for the plugin? (ok means I know what input to use)

I have no idea what to put into (param.) code. Is is the url parameter from the webhook?

What should I put into (header) Authorization ?? is it access token? Or I shouldn’t use Data Call from the API at all.


Thank you for your help

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You might try to use Postman to test you webhook and see what the response is.

From Slack API:

It’s the code param for the OAuth callback.

It says on the image you posted 'The code you got from the url parameter after redirection from Auth action. :slight_smile:




You’re a legend! Thank you for taking the time to record this :slight_smile:

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Forgive me if this is an ignorant question, but is it possible to sign-up/login a user via Slack using this plugin? Or would they need to be authenticated some other way before connecting with Slack?