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Has anyone tried Pathfix in Bubble?

Hey guys,

Has anyone tried using Pathfix ( for their OAuth integrations in Bubble? Seems very interesting but I’d be curious to know if it works for Bubble.


Following along. Did you get the LTD?


Nah I missed that one, sold out now.

What is LTD?

@gnelson Lifetime deal - you pay once and get access forever instead of a monthly subscription. It’s usually a time limited promotion to get early users and a solid amount of revenue fast for growth.


Curious if anyone has done this, as well…

I managed to get this working today, using standard email/password to log in the user, then offering a console where the user can “Connect their Twitter account” (could possibly combine that into one step so it’s less clunky).

So it looks something like this:

  1. Create a Pathfix account and configure it

  2. Create a Twitter dev account, create a developer app (and put the Pathfix url as the callback url, not your Bubble app)

  3. Create a simple bubble app using standard email/password auth

  4. Create a simple page where the user can login/logout

  5. Show a page to user where they can Connect to Twitter. Imagine a 'My profile" page in your app.

5a. Include a script that Pathfix provides in the page header. You need to replace some of it with dynamic data (the user ID or email from the logged in Bubble user - hooray for dynamic values in page headers). You also need to put some pathfix public key in there too but pretty easy to find and copy/paste across.

5b. Include an HTML block on the page that renders the actual button to connect through to Twitter (and disconnect if the user so wishes to). When the user clicks Connect it takes them to Twitter to authorise and sends them back to the app. Nothing needed in the workflow tab whatsoever. The HTML rendered content is pretty nice, and they give a few layout options like List or Tile. See my (horrible coloured app below).

  1. Add API Connector plugin

  2. Create an API call to Pathfix’s pass through API. This is where it got a little confusing. So rather than calling the Twitter API directly, i’m now calling Pathfix API endpoint, which passes my request through to Twitter (I specify the Twitter endpoint, params, etc and they ‘sign’ the request with the oauth creds and send it to twitter). I’m not techie but managed to trundle through this and get a response that included the data I requested in my query parameters, hooray! To be certain it was working I included data that Twitter only returns if the right Oauth authentication has been handled (non_public_metrics) and they returned.

  3. I then created a simple button on the page, set the workflow to call the Pathfix API and set the dynamic data as required.

  4. I also tried disconnecting the Twitter app and making the call again. The call didn’t fail but it also didn’t return any info, so guess that’s good enough for a first pass.

So in all it works (with a fat question mark over all things technical, security, privacy etc). I’m talking to the Pathfix team on Monday to see if they’re interested in bringing this to the Bubble community. Obviously we (Bubblers) would love to use their product, but we’d also likely be a HUGE support burden for them. Perhaps they could wrap this all up in a kick ass Bubble plugin or something, but I’ll let you all know how it goes. Once I’ve tidied up the app over the weekend I’ll post it here for you to see.

Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions. Btw I don’t work or know the Pathfix team, just came across their product and thought it looked a goodun!



Thanks for taking the initiative

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I’ve recently used Pathfix and I can say that my experience with them has been extremely pleasant!

Their team is helpful and will patiently guide you in getting it setup. You don’t even need to email them if you run into an issue as they are quick to respond over chat.


Thank you so much for the kind words @sharma.himanshu0608 :heart:


I’ve just tried using it in a twitter app. I wanted to make API calls that were not included out of the box in the plugin so I created two custom calls and so far I’m having difficulty getting the Bubble workflow to recognize the API calls in the workflow so it knows what to do with them.

Just contact @Pathfix support through the chatbot in your pathfix login - they are very helpful with setup :slight_smile:

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Hi @matt38 you can use the API Connector to call any API that you don’t see included in the plugin. Here is the detailed documentation on how you can setup the API Connector:

And of course, feel free to reach out to our live chat support directly from your dashboard for any assistance :slight_smile:

Have been getting @Pathfix setup today and they are very helpful (via chat on their site plus a Zoom call), plus their platform makes light work of something that is not handled well through Bubble.

Highly recommend

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Thank you so much for the kind words (and the recommendation!) Ed! :blue_heart:

Here if you need us…

Pathfix will literally jump on a call to help you figure out your integration - no matter how complicated. As a professional Bubbler, I cannot recommend them enough. @Pathfix

See how Pro NoCoders can help you jump start your project

Learn more about us at Office hours 5 days a week and on demand help when you need it, from people that really care.

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Would also like to add a recommendation for @Pathfix here. Support for getting it setup is absolutely superb.


I put together a quick tutorial video on how to access the Twitter API with pathfix - might be useful for people who come across this thread in the future!


NoCode Builds | Bubble YouTube Tutorials


This is fantastic Alex, absolutely love it! :heart: