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Has someone figured out a 3-column layout

Has someone figured out a 3-column layout?

I can figure out the left navigation bar and the right detail session. I’m not sure how to handle the 2nd column (“Directory”).

My best guess is:

  • the app shell with the navigation bar that hides at a certain width
  • then I would have to have actually 3 groups in the content area
    • one with the 2nd and 3rd columns
    • another with only the 2nd
    • the last one with only the 3rd.

That seems impractical. Is there an easier way?

Which website is it?

Have you tried this

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Hi Rico, happy to jump in a call with you and screen share with my editor open. i use 3 columns.
ofc at a certain size it is just 2 and at another size just 1.
pm me with your availabilities tomorrow

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This is from TailwindUI’s examples. The only problem with that example is that you need to be able to access the directory. If it collapses at a certain width, I cannot show it with a workflow.

Hold on a sec. I think I just got an idea :bulb: .

  • The 2nd and 3rd columns go into a reusable.
  • column 2 is a floating group with a “spacer” group underneath it
  • 3rd column is a normal group
  • when you click on “directory” it animates the 2nd column into the screen.

I think I got something almost going here.


Can the container be wider than the page?

Looking good Rico. Did it finally work out?