Issue related to the responsiveness of repeating group

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i have a page with repeating group (3 columns and 4 row; vertical scrolling).
i would like to have on the mobile format 2 column but i don’t understand how to do it (only have one row).

I have put some screenshots here below.
If someone can help, thank you in advance.

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put the ‘current cells livre’ in a group (that is set to current cells thing), the the text will be set to parent groups thing. then make the group about the width of the full RG cell, and set to fix width.

Hi @nfish and thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately it does the same result.

i would like also to specify that the “current cell’s Livre’s Couverture” are image (maybe it’s an explanation)

have you set the RG to 2 columns? You need to play around with the fixed width of the groups within the RG and make it the full width of the page.

Thanks for your help i managed to make 2 columns appears (i’m still not clear about how i did it). But finally i decided to redo the app directly using a mobile preset page s i was also struggling with the header and the other pages. I will probably to learn in the future what are the best practices to make easily a responsive app

Yes its a bit of a dark art, and varies from platform to platform, but it’s often what separates a good app from a bad one.

Take a look at the video, there is tons of practical advice on bubble responsiveness.

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thanks !