Has this returned an access token or not?

Im setting up an api and i get this message at the end. The access token is there, so whats the issue?

Yes. But Seem that there’s an issue. Can you show your API Setting?

Hey, this is what ive got.

REmove token is returner in Querystring and Authentication goes in header
This will switch header key for token name. Use access_token

OR B) Keep the Authentication goes in header with the same header key you have

Im now just getting denied :confused:

The auth is denied. Not sure you are denied ;p What is the API?
https://developer.domain.com.au/docs/introduction ?

lol, this is the api

are you using Client credentials in your project setting or authorization code?

auth code

I didn’t find any information about a “user” profile endpoint. Is there one ?

I think this is the issue, I couldnt find any either. I’ve contacted domain.com.au a few times but they dont reply.

I can get it to work in postman just using the endpoint as my domain. So im kinda confused.

In this case, I suggest you to manually handle the request. Do the call into an API call and use selfhandled for auth.

aw, ive got no clue on how to do that. I’ve been trying this api for months on and off. sigh lol

This may help you: