Having a hard time authenticating with Google Drive Oauth2

So, I’ve been able to get pretty far authenticating with Google Drive, and sucessfully got the token, and looking at the logs, even able to get to the user profile end point. But the Bubble API system still gives me the following warning.

" Warning

You haven’t tested this API in run mode and authenticated with Google Docs API yet. You need to do this first to setup calls and to test the URLs and keys.

To do this, setup a login workflow, run your app in run mode (with debug_mode=true in the URL) and authenticate with the service. Once done, your access token will be used to initate the API calls and the API will be marked as valid."

I’ve done exactly the above. I’ve created a workflow with the social login, ran the app in run mode with debug_mode=true on, and even tho I’m successfully authenticating, the warning message is not going away.

The logs seem to indicate all is well also:

Oauth Provider: apiconnector2-bTHtw0

Can someone provide some insight into how to make this warning go away so I can actually use the API once I’ve passed the Oauth2 verification?

Am I doing the workflow wrong? Am I querying the wrong User Profile endpoint? I’m not trying to actually login with the API, just access Google Doc stuff, but I can’t bypass the id and email portion, can I?

Can use some help so I can start working with the Google Docs API!

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The problem was resolved by Support but I’m still not sure why the Warning message wouldn’t go away or why Bubble wouldn’t save the access token. Hopefully someone from Support can indicate what was different about what they did than what I did.