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Help with Google Drive auth

Hi guys,

We’re trying to setup a Google Drive flow, right now it’s done with Integromat but we want to use the API connector, however, we’re currently having issues with the authentication. I’ve filled out everything and configured hopefully right the Oauth screen in Google Cloud.

I’ve setup the login workflow in Bubble just as the screenshot tells, but it always gives the error: “api connector error: the oauth2 api google drive is not configured properly - received error from API”

I’ve tried it with various endpoints and scopes but no luck so far. What could be the issue?

Hey @petersas
I have never done Google Drive auth so can’t really help you here but I remember that this recording contains a lot of info about Google auth in general, I don’t know if it will help your specific use-case but maybe you’ll find something useful there

Did you enable the api in your google console?

Thank you for the video, I’ll watch it later, hopefully there’s some information there we can use :slight_smile:

Yes, both Google Drive API and Google Sheet API are enabled which we are using with a plugin, but not yet with the API Connector

Have you been able to initialize the calls in postman with your access token?