Having trouble creating working API/GPT interation

Open AI with API Connector error. Help Please!

Hi Yall. I’m new to bubble and a beginner.

  1. My application causes me to need my user to view a numbered list of phrases
    and choose the numbers for which they apply to the user.
  2. User then inserts the numbers separated by comas.
  3. The application / (Chat gpt) takes the numbers that correspond to the intended
    phrase and then gives it’s text response to the user.
    Any ideas how to write this up in API Connector will be GREATLY Appreciated!
    Thank You

There are dozens of OpenAI API connector threads on this forum. Read those first.

Come back here with screenshots of what you tried and what happened when you tried to use it, and then someone can give you specific help.

As a beginner Im not sure if i have used the right language in my post. Can you provide a particular post of the dozens you mentioned? I have had as hard time understanding what i should ask or search for. If you understand my post can you repeat it in the correct language so I will be able to articulate my query.
Thank You.

Just have a go…