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Having trouble dynamic linking to a JPG URL

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if anyone could please help me with an easy one as im only just getting started with Bubble and it seems great :slight_smile:

Im using Google Sheets > Blockspring > Bubble. Bringing the data in using the Read Worksheet. The basic app has a registration input box which filters a repeating group down to one record. In the google sheet we have a picture link in the format “
Im trying to use this is the app to display a picture of the car from the filter result.

My problem is that the image will not display. I have also tried inserting it as a linked image without being part of the filter and the same result. If you click the “see” link the image opens in a new window however in the preview it is blank?.

Could anyone please help me with this?.


Looking at your screenshot, I think your issue is a HTTPS versus HTTP thing. You’re trying to load insecure content in the editor, which is served over SSL. Check if the image can be found on a secure site, and use that link.

Thank you for your swift response Emmanuel.

Ive added a column in google sheets with a substitution of http for https and this seems to have done the trick partly. Chrome on Windows laptop works spot on.

Firefox on laptop and my iphone browsers arent so keen however.

So close :slight_smile:

We dont host the images so im limited on being able to change the main pics to a different server. erm…

If you’re on a personal plan and use your own domain, you don’t have to be on https any more, and it’ll just work.

Thank you for your support Emmanuel. Ive swapped out the Substitute function back to Http in google sheets, Chrome still handles it fine on Windows, Firefox and mobile are still being stubborn.

I think its now the browser thats blocking the image, im guessing by default they are set to block insecure content (the Http image link) when viewing a website on a secure domain…

Looks like a dead end using these pictures image links. :confused: sad times but not the end of the world, i will look at our other advertising sources and see if there are any databases of links we could use instead with Https secure hosted links.

Going off topic here on this thread hope you dont mind… What i was really hoping to do was use ocr number plate recognition to populate the registration search by utilizing the camera on a smart phone / tablet. I see google cloud vision api have a system although this seems seriously advanced with picture interpretation too. Are you aware of any plugins or similar. This would be an awesome feature to filter data by camera imagery when dealing with data on a mobile app.

Thanks again

It’d be great to break this into a separate thread. We have a lot of people ask duplicating questions because the answer has been shared, but it’s buried in an unrelated thread somewhere. As our community grows, the more organized we can be, the better for everybody! I reckon you’ll also get more people providing better answers if the thread is visible on the main forum page with a clear description :slight_smile:

That being said, Bubble seems to be currently focusing on web apps primarily, so mobile specific features are typically put on the “we’ll look at it later” list.

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