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Header color change on scroll

Hello everyone !
I ran across an issue I cannot seem to resolve by myself. I want my header to be black at all times, and I did that by changing this condition and setting my header’s Dark? to yes.
It works well until I scroll, it then goes to white and I cannot seem to find the reason why. The support thinks it could be because of some custom code but I don’t know how to find it, if there is any.
The reason is that by adding “&bubble_safe_mode=true”, it does not happen anymore (but then the header is incomplete).

Do you have any idea how to help me ? Here’s a link to view my project: Cars-up | Bubble Editor

Thanks a lot

It looks like you use AirDev’s Canvas*, maybe they can help you?

*The HTML-element in the header contains divs with Canvas-classes:

html canvas

Yes it’s true. I’ll try to contact them too. Thank you :slight_smile:

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