Header covering half of the page

When i give a side menu on user icon my header is covering half of the page so every thing under it is not responding… Any Solution from anyone.

Can you please post what exactly you are talking about? It is hard to tell from the little details.

here on top till logout nothing works… Header is on top layer covers everything… Is there a way that i can get this solved as putting every input element down from that header space is looking bad.

Can you make your app public and share a link to your editor? That’s going to be the only real way we can get in and see what you’ve got set up. I’m guessing your reusable element is too tall, with a bunch of empty space at the bottom to account for a menu that opens/closes. Without seeing the editor, though, I’m just guessing.

In the editor for the “Logged In” reusable element, you should just be able to shrink the height of the element to line up with the white part. Here’s the extra spacing you have:

I’d make the change myself, but I don’t have access to edit the app.

hi i have tried that but not been able to do it… I have set the permission to Edit mode if you can give it a try.

I think it’s because you’re using a regular group for the dropdown menu instead of a group-focus. I made the change and it appears to be working now. Can you try and verify?

:smiley: that’s why i am loving bubble… More then platform its the people who are awesome. THANK YOU SO MUCH…


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