I need help on a page sizing problem

Hi guys,

I have been working on my admin panel and everything has been awesome untill I don’t know what i touched but my page sizing has become wierd. Even though my items add up there is this gap in the page and i dont understand were it came from.

My page size is set to full width, which is 1200px. All items are 1200px across but yet there is a gap and nomatter what i do, i cannot fill it. I’ve spent two days on this without any result. Well, i fill it when editing, but during preview this is what i get. Note that the yellow color is the page background.

How do i share my app here so someone can take a look at it.

You can just copy the link to your editor and paste it here. Although, in the settings page you need to make it available to share. I can’t exactly remember where the setting is but look around and you’ll find it. Share the link and I’ll take a look!

Hey there @lancegerarrd,

Maybe try sending the “Dashboard” element to the back and check the responsive settings for that to ensure it’s left aligned?

Thanks but it doesn’t solve the problem.

here’s the link: cooky | Bubble Editor

Try going into the responsive page view and change the fixed margin on the dashboard group to align left instead of center, this will make it grow to the right of the element instead of moving it. Also because these elements have max widths, bubble will move them which creates the gap. You need to disable their max widths and let them grow or else that gap cant be filled to accommodate the screen size. Another thing is, there is a slight overlap of the groups, and when that happens, bubble doesn’t play nice. You can have them touching, just try to avoid overlapping two groups like this

Hi @anthony.schanen ,

Thanks a lot for taking a look. I have removed max width on all elements but gap is till there. Also, I have checked for over lapping elements, but i don’t have any. The only overlapping element is a floating group, which is ok to be above other groups. the yellow strip you see there is the background, meaning is the default page background itself. it is not an element itself. That’s the gap i’m talking about. Please can somebody else take a look at it. or maybe this is a bug

after hours i found the problem. It’s a single-page app. One of my groups exceeded the size of the page. it was 954px instead of 945px so it was very difficult for me to notice. that is what was causing all the problem.

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