Header default reusable element is not showing

Hello, I am new to bubble. I have created an app but the default header, footer, and signup elements are not showing. can anybody please guide attach is a


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I have the exact same problem.

It’s just not there.

Not loading any templates or anything. What am I missing?

Hi @lars.langenstueck :wave:
With the official launch of new responsive engine…
All the apps created after June 27 2022
Header / Footer / Signup reusable elements are removed…

Thanks so much! Found a thread that answered it as well!

But thanks for following up!

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What would be the alternative to using this? creating new ones?

Hi @mmedv830 :wave:
Yes you have to create new ones :slightly_frowning_face:

But it won’t be difficult to create new ones just learn new responsive engine
I believe It is hundred times easier than the old engine…

if you are just starting out please watch this video for brief overview of new responsive engine


I am also new to Bubble and created a menu, set it up working properly with my popup login which I created etc and everything was working great, then wanted to use it on another page, so converted it to a reusable element and after that can’t get it to work anymore.

Then I converted my popup to a reusable element, it comes up but trying to log in or sign up is impossible. Even though the workflow clearly shows that everything is linked and ready sign the user in or up… it just straight up refuses to follow the path set up.

What am I doing wrong or is bubble just not good with reusable elements?

Thank you in advance for the support.