Header is blocking page inputs

I have a problem with my header. Currently, this is a reusable header which is blocking inputs that are underneath. It is recognizing another group that goes with the header which the demension is being increased, I believe that can be the problem. Has anyone had this issue?

Hello @learkn

You should try to organize the hierarchy with these buttons.

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Thank you for the response!
I did send it back. At the moment it seems that it is still recognizing the header as if it was 1200px which stills covers my inputs


Sometimes doing this once is not enough. While trying to send it back with a few clicks, select the group you want to appear at the top and click “bring to front” a few times.

If not solved, could you please PM me the link of your editor? I’d like to take a look.

Select: collapse element when hidden.

I have done that @Arzy

Hey there! I got the same problem some time ago and I ended up not using the header as a reusable content. It’s not ideal but will solve the problem at least in that page.

The problem is that the reusable content has its own layers. So if your input tht is being blocked by the header is no part of the reusable element you won’t be able to arrange it.
Another one is that the “page” size of your header in the reusable component is to tall, normally the height adjust itself to the elements inside of the reusable content.
I assume you have something hidden under your header that is making the height bigger.

And for that, the only way I found it was to do not use a reusable component or take out the hidden element which makes the height bigger.

Good luck! Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Try to reduce the height in the header’s page. Double click then select header and enter the size of your header’s height 70px. Not sure what element you are using.

I did give up on floating headers for some pages.

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