Layout bug in reusable header element

Hi all. Yesterday at some point my header’s layout started to glitch.

The header is a reusable element and it look ok in element edit mode and website preview mode. However, on other pages in edit mode it appears like this:

Can’t find the reason why it is happening.

Preview mode:

Edit reusable element mode:

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Hello chuprygin,

I’m having exactly the same problem as you on my reusable elements. But everything works fine when I’m in “edit” mode on the element or when I preview my app.

Can you share your header’s layout configuration in the pages where it’s glitching?

Same issue here. Haven’t changed anything, it was working prior.

I am also experiencing the same issue here since yesterday!

Looks like a Bubble’s bug

The bug has been fixed !
I don’t have the problem anymore

I still have :upside_down_face:

This bug occurred on Sunday for me.

Just checked my app - now it’s gone.

@Hook , how did you solve yours? I still have the problem.

Just checked mine also and its gone.

@andriasleburu ,They probably fixed the bug partially. In my case, I didn’t take any specific action.
Sorry, I don’t know how to help you.