Header wont go to the top

My header wont go all the way to the top. It is about 200 pixels from the top of the page. Tried deleting and trying other headers. Same, wont go to the top.

Also the footers and headers stretch all across the screen in preview. Why do they not taken their values form the page which is 1200.

This responsive engine is very annoying. Hard to figure out.

Is it possible you have any margins on the header?

It took me a bit to figure out the responsive engine, admittedly a LOT of trial and error on my part :sweat_smile: What I found usually helped me get to where I needed to be was by putting the items in question inside a group, setting that group’s ‘Container Layout’ to the style I needed (in your case I would try ‘column’) and setting container alignment to Top-aligned. Also make sure that the parent group, the one making up the page, is also set to a container layout other than Fixed.

Thank you.
I think Bubble suffers is in places from offering far too much “flexibility”. In my case, it seems that I needed to go to the page settings and use the align to top option.

It seems to me that a header by default should just go click to the top. That’s why its called a header.

Thank you for your suggestion.

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