Height of a group changes when showing another group below

Hi! I was struggling with this a lot.
I’m bulding a landing page and I want the hero group to fit the 100% of viewport size. I made it possible by setting a fixed height of 100%. This is how it works:

However, when I display another group below and change its padding or max height, it affects the height of the first group, making it smaller or taller.
How can I fix the height of the first group and then display more groups below without affecting it.

I’ve wathced tons of tutorials but all of them work with only one group.

Hi, please share screenshots with more details. It might help others to understand what’s going on and give a solution.

Yes, more screenshots needed, and in particular it would be useful to see your elements tree in the editor. If you have the hero group set to 100%, that’s relative to the parent. If the parent’s height is variable and depends on other elements, then the hero height will, too. It’s staying at 100% of its parent, but the parent’s height is changing.

Not sure if this is the case though without seeing more info on how things are set up.

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