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How can I shift other container elements down when the group above them has height set to "100vh"

Hey everyone, I think this is a simple fix but I can’t really find an answer for it.

I have a group (orange in my example) who’s height I’ve set to 100vh (100% of the viewport height)

It works correctly, however, I have another group below it (blue) that I want to be below the orange group. I am doing this for a header background on the page, and essentially all the other containers on the page need to move down to accommodate the vertical growth of the orange group

Here are some screenshots to show what the problem is

Here is the editor

Here is what is displayed on version-test

The blue group maintains its original vertical position

Any solution to this?

Hi @anthony.schanen!

Take a look at the “Hero sizing” feature inside the Tool Box plugin!

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I have had this plugin installed for the longest time and just noticed that element exists.

Thank you so much!!! This has just made a large amount of my projects so much easier


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