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Height of an element collapsing on new responsive engine

Hey everyone. I am having an issue with the header in the project I am currently working on.

I have the header as a reusable element with the name and a hamburger icon that then toggles a menu on the left side that goes the length of the page.

The issue is when the menu is collapsed, and not visible, the header is still the size of the entire page making is so the entire page behind it is un-clickable.

I have tried pushing it to the back of the page and making sure that everything is set to collapse when hidden and the same issue occurs. When this was happening on the old engine, I was able to send the element to the back and then shrink it to the the size so it shrunk back to the when the menu was closed but that is not an option for the new one.

I appreciate any help I could get.

Thank you in advance!

Can you give it a maximum height and specify a pixel value in the layout tab of the element’s property editor?

I did try that. When I did the page was clickable but then when the icon was clicked, the menu didn’t show because it extended further than the max height.

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