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New responsive engine layout shift with collapse when hidden

I’ve noticed that with the new responsive engine, elements that are hidden and set to collapse when hidden will shift popup heights when a popup is opened. This probably happens for pages too, just noticed it for popups.

There’s a split second when the popup is loading that the app tries to figure out the right height. It starts at the max height with all elements visible, then snaps to the correct size.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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I think this happens on both engines when you have an element default to visible and a condition that makes it invisible. The way I handle it is to have items invisible and make them visible.

Do you think that would help you?

That’s what I do too, but that no longer seems to work for me. Even default to invisible items will cause this layout shift.

Might have something to do with the new dynamic height system? My popups are no longer a fixed height with the new engine.

This is happening to me too.

All elements defined as not visible on loading are actually loaded at their full height (only height not content)

Only after approximately 1sec it collapse


I also brought up this bug here and reported it to bubble.

Hoping it gets fixed soon.


Did you file a bug report and have you heard from the team? I am having the same issues and right now I’m torn between the old engine that works and the new engine that is cooler :slight_smile:

Yeah, I did. It looks like they’re currently investigating the issue.

Great, let’s hope they will fix it. Thanks for your effort.

Does anyone have an update on this? It is a very annoying behaviour, as we use the collapse behaviour extensively throughout the app with items initially hidden

It looks like this has been fixed. Just refreshed an app, and groups are collapsing properly.