HelloSign Custom Response Body

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I have a custom Plugin for HelloSign and all works perfectly except the webhook for the callback event. It is initializing succesfully but HelloSign requires a response body with the words “Hello API Event Received”. Can anyone tell me how to customize the response body from bubble?

Here are some screenshots to give more details about what the HelloSign service is expecting from my bubble app and the response bubble is sending to their webhook.

  1. The endpoint is initializing successfully “http 200” but HelloSign is recording an error because the bubble endpoint is only returning {} for the response.
  2. HelloSign’s documentation for Callback events. I have one out of the 2 requirements for a successful event
  3. Postman: The endpoint is also successful this side
  4. HelloSign dashboard: it is returning the event details successfully but still registering it as an error because of the response body.

Can anyone help?

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I have a similar problem when validating a Bubble API endpoint to be used by the Slack’s EventsAPI. I need to answer with a HTTP 200 response, but including certain information in it.

It seems Bubble always answers a HTTP 200 with empty body, and there seems to be no way to modify it.

As a workaround, I’ve set Xano as a proxy. Xano allows to customize the HTTP response. After Slack validates the Xano endpoint, you can relay all messages to Bubble from Xano. Using an ad-hoc proxy is suboptimal though…

I found something interesting. It seems that you can indeed control what response is sent after the execution of a workflow in the Bubble API.

I haven’t thoroughly investigated this path, but it seems you can define the content of the response at least (modifying the response code, i.e. the HTTP headers, might not be possible)