Webhook with response

Hi, There is some issue that I don’t find solution for.

I tried to add bubble webhook in 3rd party app.
When it happens 3rd party app sends code to bubble webhook to authenticate and expects bubble webhook to send it back.

How this can be done?
Tried return API but didn’t work for some reason.

Thank you.

The only reason that I can think of would be one of the suggestions below.

  • Make sure to remove initialize from your webhook URL
  • Make sure to make the API publicly available, you can set privacy rules to manage the data securely.
  • Don’t forget to remove version-test from your URL once you go live.

What format is your third party app expecting the response to be in? The “Return data from api” format I believe was the following

  result: {your response}

Actual problem that 3rd party uses GET to validate webhook, bubble supports only POST.

You will have to use Pipedream in the middle to make it work.

Webhook—-> Pipedream ——-> Bubble

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I´m looking for this solution to authenticate the Webhook
Can anyone help me?

Verification of your webhook

Before you can enable your webhook, we first need to verify your webhook URL. For this we are sending an [webhook.verify] event to your URL (see the example below). For successful verification you need to return this token in the response to the event.

{ “id”:“2150c68e-4075-4a26-8690-1579deb08a27”, “type”:“webhook.verify”, “created”:“2014-03-15T20:12:59Z”, “data”:{ “token”:“RBqXiclacPSqRsRfQAXRSdNmqCLwbpdM” } }

I don´t know how to send back the Token in the Bubble

Webhook events

Event Description
webhook.verify This event is sent when the webhook needs to be verified. You need to return the sent token in the response together with a HTTP 200 status in order to successfully verify your webhook.
Data Example
* token 1


3 "data" : {

"token" : "bXRsTAQrQHMIGSbqREWSmtIYlPvooASW" ,


Is the token sent using the GET method or POST?

It´s sent using the POST method

I have to POST back the token data to authenticate the Webhook only once,
and then see the real data

In your bubble endpoint you will have a option which says “Return data from api” you will use that to send a response.