HELLPP! Search for / Advanced search which option do i use?!

Hi everyone,

I can’t get the specific content to display from a certain category.

when the category is selected it then displays a list of all content from all categories.

How do i make it so it only displays the content to the specific category they select.

I’ve gotten as far as “Search for “x”” and have added a constraint but it’s not happy.

I’ve also got a custom state which is a list of categories to help but its not in use.

In the database it’s got it’s own category as a list in the content data type.

What am i missing - i feel like i’m liturally so close.

Where are you storing the category that the user selects? Can the user select only one category at a time or multiple categories at time? If the user selects multiple categories how do you match it with a Knowledge Foundation? For example, if 3 categories are selected, must a Knowledge Foundation contain all 3 categories for it to be displayed, or is 1 enough?

Hi Alex,

So i’m storing the categories in a data type, name only (see picture). And they can only select one category at a time because when they select the button - it takes them to the content page of that category.

Where it should only display the content of that specific category but instead it’s displaying all of the contents from all categories. I can’t get it to be specific to one category.

I’m thinking along the lines of when it does the search it displays only that categories content by minusing the rest from it’s search by doing a not include these categories situation? Do you follow?
As all the contents have a category selected when they’re created so it should be reletevily easy to minus the other categories from the search. But how do i do this?


It sounds like you need to search for knowledge foundation contents → Content Category contains: ______ <— this is where you set the value of the category which the user has selected.

In the search error you shared it looks like Content Title is text field and you are tying to match it with a datatype (content category)

How do i do this? this is what i’m missing.

Also the reason i’m trying to match the content title with a data type is because each content comes with it’s category as a data type so though if i can say only show titles related to the category then that’s another way of doing it.

But from what your saying i can set the value of the category which the user has selected, how do i do this? please enlighten me!

It depends on how you’ve set things up. Essentially you’d be storing the value that user selects. This can be in a hidden group, it can be in a custom state, it can be in the group that contains all your content elements, etc.

Let’s say you have a hidden group call “var - KFC”. When the user clicks a button representing a particular KFC, you then have a workflow that displays the data in var- KFC. Then in the RG that needs to display the contents, your search would be search for knowledge foundation contents: Content Category contains: var - KFC's knowledge foundation content

So right now i have it set up as seperate pages. The Categories on one page, the Content on another, for now it needs to remain like this.

I see what your saying about the hidden group thing, how would i apply that to seperate pages?

You can pass data between pages by assigning a datatype to the page and/or using URL parameters.

For example, user clicks a KFC button → go to page action is triggered to navigate to the content page and passes a parameter with with the KFC’s unique ID. On the content page you have the RG with the search: search for knowledge foundation contents: Content Category contains: get data from page URL

As far as design goes, does it really make sense for these 2 things to be on different pages? If I want to change the category why do I have to leave the page to do so?

Thank you for this,

Right now i need to get this to mvp and to go back and start playing around with built pages is too much hassle and time, I have plenty of other stuff to get on with, this problem being number 21 to solve but I have already noted it for future changes and upgrades that need to be made because i completely agree.

Not a fan of sending data via URL parameters, doesn’t work for this app.

BUT that’s how i’ve been passing data, assigning a datatype to a page. It’s the best way i find.

I’ve got to the point where, the user clicks on the category - the data sent to the content page is the “current page’s KFCategories:uniqueid”

The problem i have is when i try sending the unique ID I can’t complete it. It’s just red. It doesn’t matter what i select i can’t make it blue. See picture.

How do i send the right perameters?

And then on the content page with the RG search how do i display only that one categories content?

I can see what your doing and follow - almost! Thank you Alex.

This seems to be a contradiction. If you’re sending the datatype then that’s the actual record; but then you say you are sending the “current page’s uniqueId”?