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I am currently building a CAD/MDT System for my Role-Play community called States of Justice. However, I have come across a minor problem. I couldn’t figure out how to do a ‘Request Access Button’ so I decided to try and create a unique ‘Access Code’ Which will be 9 letters long. I need help on coding that 9 letter word/ number in. Any help would be grateful.

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P.s. I don’t know what sub catagory this would have fallen into.

Exactly like this from @romanmg’s lesson from two days ago. If you want to really learn Bubble she’s worth looking into @coachingBubble.

Generate a random code or ID

I’m sorry but that didn’t help me at all. I need to know how do I make to where they need to know a certain combination before they can create an account.

I’m sorry. Based on the description of your need that should have provided you with exactly what you’re wanting. Perhaps you could provide additional clarity to your request.

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Does this address your dilemma? editor / run-mode

You can disable a button using a conditional that checks if an inputed code matches your pass code. Happy to help further but would need a little more info!

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What more info would you need? Thanks for replying.

No problem.

What needs to happen from the user’s perspective? Does the run-mode link I posted above address the issue?

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So basically, in the registration they can choose something from a dropdown list. Therefore once they have creates an account with the correct Access code, they will be redirected to a Dashboard to where they can click on an image/ button to where it takes them to another page. Only members with access can only access these pages. Hence the reason for an Access Code.

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