Help ! add text to a field and have it disappear every day

Hi, I want to add text to a field and have it disappear every day. Basically every day I come in and fill in this text manually. But it has to disappear every day. What is the easiest way to do this?

Are you writing the value of the field to the database (or can you if you weren’t already?) I was thinking some sort of Backend Workflow tied to the data type, scheduled to run 12 hours after the auto-binding input is updated (which is you inputting the value), in which it makes changes to the thing by setting the thing value to (null).

Do not create a backend workflow for this since WU is a hot topic. Just create an expiry field in the db and if current date/time > expiry no show

Hello ! Yes im writing the value in the data base, I would like the field to reset to 00:00 if possible. Also, could you show me some screenshots for the workflow backend? Because I don’t have much experience with the backend thank you!

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