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Help adding items from API to database

I am calling an API through the API connector and it is coming in the form of


I am wanting to create a contact from this info on each row but how would I connect the “name” to my name field in my database?

Any help would be appreciated. I have API as a get, doing a return data at the endpoint in order to create a contact in the database, but getting errors when trying to call the data. My endpoint is formatted like this

And then my return data from API is

I am not sure if I am even close to getting this right but any help or at least pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

Hi @kaleleavitt,

I find your post confusing… are you:
A) Using the API Connector plugin to call an external API? Which service are you calling? Are there docs for it?
B) Using the API Workflow, set up an endpoint to receive calls from an external server?
C) Both? Calling one Bubble app from another?

Are you able to get it working in Postman?

Normally Bubble looks for key: value pairs in the data, as in:

“person”: {
“firstname”: “Fred”,
“lastname”: “Flintstone”

If you can setup an example on the forum app, it would help to understand the problem and see the data returned. It has API workflows available, can have a look at the other ones there for clues.