[Help] Bought Template But Dont Have

Hi so i recently bought a CAD/MDT for my FiveM server but i did not get it i then contacted the seller via discord and he said the payment had not gone through so i looked and he was correct the payment was pending, not long after the payment went through and i got a confirmation email from bubble i then go to my apps to use it create a new one and i dont have it. So i thought it might be a issue with bubble and i just need to get a free template then the selection drop down will appear it did but the template i bought is not there.

Hey @pulseneonzhd, where did you make this purchase from? Was it from Templates | Bubble? If not, I’m afraid you have been scammed.

Yes it was would you like a link to the one i bought?

You should contact Bubble Support if it was a template purchased from Templates | Bubble. You can reach them through email at support@bubble.io or via their contact form at Contact | Bubble.

I did email them 3 days ago but have not gotten a response or a update yet

Great! They’ll probably email you back next week when they’re back in office. (Hey @eve just a little ping :wink: )

Ok thank you for the support


I still have not got anything so i have had to buy a new template how do i go about getting a refund on my purchase?

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