Refund Process for Template Purchase Error

I purchased a template over the weekend and when I used my card for purchase I was given a notice that the card I was using was declined (Which was odd because I had the funds to cover it 10x over).
I then proceeded to try again after re-entering the card number multiple times, checking my info each time, and the system continued to provide me a notice saying the card was declined and my purchase could not be completed. Upon using a different card’ the purchase worked’ but this morning I woke up to find $800 charged to my account (the $99 template charged 8 times).

I’ve tried contacting support and have received no response. Has anyone else experienced this?
Any tips for getting this resolved?

Reach out to Bubble support

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Thank you.

I tried contacting them several times and I receive the same message: “Your issue will be addressed promptly”, but no one has responded.

I’d give them a little leeway. They work Mon-Fri so I’m sure someone will reach out to you today.

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