Help! Choosing multiple checkboxes with custom states and saving into the database

I would like to ask you if anyone could help me with my app. When I want to link a product or some products to a specific order in the page “linkear” I’m having some trouble.

All the selected products (checkbox TraceNumber inside the Group AddToList) are stored in my database All Orderss under the field Linked(List of text).

Inside of the RepeatingGroup TraceProduct I have the product and the traceNumber I want to add to my list Linked.

Right now, he saves in my database all the products I choose but not all the traceNumbers. This is happening because I read that it’s not possible to have in the list repeated things.

For instance, if I want to link apples & oranges with the same traceNumber (in the example:102), he only saves both products with only one traceNumber. Here the example …

Is it possible to make that the program see the product and the traceNumber as ONE field at the moment that I click on the checkbox?

What I mean is that he saves every time in the custom state apple 102, orange 102 in this way. And not like if they were 4 different things (apple, 102, orange, 102)

My custom state is Selected. Maybe if I could change the second value of :plus Item Group AddToList’s TraceProduct’s TraceNumber:formatted as 1028.58 to something else (instead of :plus item) he would see the Product’s Name and the Product’s TraceNumber as ONE thing and not 2.
I hope you understand what I mean.
Is there any way to check the custom state Selected? because I would like to see how I made it and i can’t find the way.

Thanks in advanced, Gerardo.

By the way, this is my app ,feel free to take a look at it !

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