How to display checkbox selected values from repeating group in a text?

Hey, I have a repeating group in my app. Each row consists of SKU, Product Name and Checkbox. For Checkbox clicked, i want to display SKU of this row in a text field. How can i achieve that?

Hi there, @j113… one way to do what you have described is to use a custom state. When a checkbox is checked, use a workflow to add the selected product to the value of a custom state (which should probably be a list), and then display the contents of the custom state in your text field.

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I figured an example couldn’t hurt, so here you go. I used an option set to define the products, and I have a repeating group that is displaying all of the options in the set. I have a checkbox in the repeating group, and I have a custom state called selected products at the page (index) level. With that set up in place, here is how it works.

The custom state looks like this…

There are two workflows associated with clicking the checkbox, and they look like this…

And the text field looks like this…


Hope this helps you get down a good path.

Hey @mikeloc , Thanks it works.

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